Engine Repair & Rebuilds

Our business is all about putting service into motion…

At Performance Clinic, we offer Custom Engines for Transportation, Racing, Inboard Marine and more...

We can build assemblies as complete as you wish, using your engine, core pieces from our stock, or new blocks, heads, crankshafts, and connecting rods as required. Testing before installation is also available.

If you’re doing a restoration project and need the original engine rebuilt, we can handle it, whether a muscle car engine, or a simple stock six cylinder. Because we love “old iron”, let us work with you on increasing power, reliability, and drivability to your baby.

At Performance Clinic, our additional services include our Engine Dynamometer and Camshaft Selection Consulting Services. We offer a quality job from start to finish.

Dyno Testing Services:
No computer engine simulator or magic formula can match the REAL thing.  Our SuperFlow 901 Dyno will tell you what your engine really is! No matter what you're looking for, this is where you get the real answers.

Camshaft Selection Services:
For Racing, Street or Inboard Marine Applications:

If you’ve been cam shopping, you know it well! The variety of grinds, profiles, durations, lifts, overlaps and other specs can make your head swim. You probably also know that a wrong choice can leave you with a car or boat that just won’t run!

Performance Clinic’s 35+ years of building engines, winning races, and continuous Dyno Testing are your assurance that we can find the RIGHT cam for your precise combination. We’ll help you make the right selection from our stock of Comp Cams, Crower, and Manley valve train parts or give you QUICK Special Order service if necessary.